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Welcome fellow Peggers,
My name is Sean Murphy and I am the craftsman/owner of SCM Tourney Boards.

"Tournament cribbage board?"

Yep, a different design in cribbage boards. The American Cribbage Congress (ACC) in an effort to standardize the cribbage tournaments across the country recommends a cribbage board for tournaments that is 60 holes long, rather than 30 holes as most of the commercial boards available are designed. The ACC's idea was to lessen the possibility of pegging errors and to help tournaments run smoother. Here are pictures of two tournament style boards: Maple board , Walnut board.
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"I don't play in tournaments, just with my friends for fun."

To be honest everyone who gets used to a tournament board develops a real preference for them. Advanced players like the tournament board because it is much easier to see board position and to plan for the rest of the game. Beginner and Novice players like the tournament board because of the lessened opportunity for pegging errors.

"How do you line up the holes?"

a close up of the holes on several cribbage boards Each of my cribbage boards are individually handcrafted to ensure a high level of precision. Look at the close-up photo and see the spacing of the holes. I layout each board and then work carefully to prevent any misplacement not due to the mechanical variance of my drill press. I believe in producing a cribbage board you would be proud to show your friends and family, a cribbage board that you might hide the source of to ensure you are the only one on the block who has one. These cribbage boards should be looked at as a piece of furniture, as part of the room decor, as well as a very nice cribbage board.

"What kind of woods are you making the boards from?"

I work with a large variety of domestic and exotic hardwoods to make my cribbage boards. Luckly, I have found several sources of very beautiful hardwoods which allows me to accept special orders and make cribbage boards from woods not typically used for cribbage boards. I also started a practice of trying to find wood that other woodworkers might call scrap. I hate to see a waste of a natural resource and I find that there is a lot of fine hardwood available that could go to waste. Therefore, in my small effort to help salvage a beautiful natural resource, some of my boards are not one solid piece of wood. At first I was concerned about the strength of the seams of small boards glued together to make a cribbage board, but an un-scientific test with a ballpeen hammer convinced me otherwise. This has led to several boards made up of contrasting woods, not really laminated or inlayed, but very interesting nonetheless.

For the list of available cribbage boards follow the Prices link. You can also find out about how I began SCM Tourney Boards, read my disclaimer to the ACC, and find many links to cribbage and fine wood working sites.

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I have intentionally limited the number of graphics on this page to try to keep the loading speed higher. I have tried to supply pictures of at least one of each type of board listed on the Prices Page, click on the links provided in the wood description section if you want to see the different types of woods.

Normally Email is the best way to contact me to order a board. I will get back with you and I can give you up to date information on the availability of the different woods and I can give suggestions if you are not sure exactly what kind of cribbage board you are looking for. The best days and times to call are Sunday through Saturday, except Tuesdays, 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm EST, calls earlier in the day are fine but please don't call after that time. Your other choice is our Reserve/Request a Board form. Snail mail at the following address also works.

Sean Murphy
SCM Tourney Boards
12568 Cross Ridge Way
Germantown, MD 20874
Ph. (301)515-8867

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There's no fancier way to record,
Your scores on that ole cribbage board,
For pegs made of crystal and brass,
Tis a gift that is hard to surpass,
And a gift that can never be weighed
Is one that is truly home made.
The Fancy, no roll, Hexagon Cribbage Pegs
A great addition to any SCM Tourney Board!

Please inquire about the no-roll Hexagon Cribbage Pegs at

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